British Asian
We grew up seeing our parents as superheroes, people that left their homes and family with only £10 in their pockets in hope for a better life, a better future for their own family. God, they were brave, they worked hard and achieved so much so young. They put their kids through university, got them married and set them up for a comfortable future – so they didn’t have to struggle like they did. All for a better life.

Our parents
Fifteen years ago my father got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he has high blood pressure, had a cataracts operation and most recently a cancerous cyst removed from his kidney. This year my father in law had a colostomy due to bowel cancer. My mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and my mother in law has Parkinson’s Disease. It doesn’t just stop there, it carries on with uncles, aunts, cousins, and family friends. Seems like disease is running riot. 


To inspire Asians, both young and old, to make better decisions about food and live healthier and longer lives.



Having kids
When our first child was born it really got us thinking, how much of what was happening to our parents was due to genetic predisposition and how much of it was due to environmental factors. We both (my husband and I) aren’t spring chickens(!), and want to be around for as long as possible to see our little man grow up and preferably not as disease ridden, pill popping geriatrics!

Moment of clarity
The revelation came when we started looking at our diets. I was struggling to lose the baby weight two years on, always tired and achy. The lightbulb moment came from watching an interview that Marie Forleo did with Dr Mark Hyman. It seriously was THE moment of clarity, it just made so much sense to me. My mind was racing at 100 mph – it was all so obvious! 

“The biggest input that you have in your health, by far, is what you eat. Food is information. Every bite changes your biology. It alters your gene expression – good or bad depending on what you eat. By transforming food you can upgrade your biological software literally within days”
Dr Mark Hyman

Lifestyle change
A lifestyle overhaul needed my partner on board and luckily for me that was the easy bit. We both signed up for Dr Mark Hyman’s 10 day detox and after those ten days we both saw huge differences in our health; my energy levels were up and I didn’t have an achy body of a 90 year old anymore. My husband had suffered from chronic back pain for years and it had pretty much disappeared. This cemented our belief that every one should be making this change to live healthier and happier life!

Even though they can see our health improvements, convincing our parents and siblings hasn’t been so easy. Asian culture and tradition play a big part in that resistance to change. Think about the last wedding, function, party, religious event you went to, what was the food like? Was it fried samosas, pakoras following by more fried food soaked in sugar like a jalebi or gulab jamun? Some aspects of the South Asian diet are notoriously bad (not all!). But now add into the mix the overly processed, convenient western diet and a less active lifestyle. It’s not looking so great – we’re are turning on all the wrong genes!! 

South Asians are at a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. By 2030 it is projected that there will be 120.9 million people with diabetes in South Asia (International Diabetes Federation), which is more than double the number affected in North America or Europe. 

Several studies also show that the prevalence of diabetes is also high among South Asian migrant populations (Gujral et al 2013). And this is just diabetes, what about cancer, strokes and heart attacks? 

People will say its hereditary and theres nothing they can do, but thats all the more reason to take control of the things – like food. These diseases come with so many complications, endless trips to the Doctors, life long medications, operations and loss of independence. Who wants that? 

We want to help
It’s time to make the change. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you’re going to stop enjoying life. You adapt, make good choices that will impact the rest of your life and that of your family. Indian recipes can still be delicious, use the same spices we grew up with, just little tweaks here and there can make traditional recipes a little healthier. And a few little changes could mean big changes to your health and future.

We set up this website to inspire Asians, both young and old to make better decisions about food and health. Through Hatke Life we aim to help people along their health journey, to educate, raise awareness, encourage change and inspire people to live healthier lives. 

Think different. Live a HATKE LIFE.