Read this before you pick up that ladoo!

Read this before you pick up that ladoo!

Sugar… sugar… sugar… now where to start!

We all know it’s bad for you but do you understand why it’s so bad? Ok, so lets start with the basics:

You know it rots your teeth. “if you keep eating all those sweets your teeth will fall out!” This was the threat we all grew up with. Not that it ever worked but of course we know its true.

It makes you fat. Any sugar that’s not used up by your body is turned into fat by your liver. A diet high in sugar will lead to obesity and that is a fact. And obesity increases your risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Too much sugar leads to chronic inflammation. This one is key, so lets delve into a bit more detail about what this is and the damage it can do. A poor diet (one high in sugar and fat) will lead to chronic inflammation as will excess weight, lack of exercise, stress, smoking and too much alcohol.

The inflammatory response is basically the body thinking its under threat and sending in its army to fight the attack. But the army has nothing to do, so eventually they start attacking the bodies own tissues, cells, organs. Its really important to note that chronic inflammation is behind the development of many diseases such as, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and even depression.

Type 2 diabetes is an increasing problem for South Asians. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes in South Asians, both in their home countries and abroad, is extremely high and is continuing to rise rapidly.

Diabetes is when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or cant properly use it. Insulin is responsible for removing sugar from the bloodstream and into cells where it can be used. Now chronic inflammation interferes with insulin singling, leading to increased insulin resistance and spikes in blood sugar. The spikes in blood sugar lead to an immune response and so inflammation continues. This puts you at an increased risk of diabetes and weight gain.

Now you don’t need to be reminded that many Indians have a sweet tooth and sweet rich desserts are a part of the culture. We have so many: bharfi, kheer, parshaad, jalebi, gulab jamun the list is endless…..

When you look at the amount of sugary, fat ladened decadent food Indians eat on a regular basis it becomes obvious that we need to begin to understand what eating all this refined sugar, fatty food is doing to our bodies.

Is it time to start making a change? Hell yes!

Don’t we want to all live longer and healthier, pain and disease free lives? Definitely.

So do you still want that ladoo? Hopefully not, take a look in our recipe section for some healthier alternatives. Next time you’re hosting why not considering adding some healthier alternatives to the menu.

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