Anneeka Ludhra

Anni is an author, blogger, and home-cook. She is also the founder of heritage food brand dadima's & the grandactions community campaign.

Anni's first cook book, dadima's, is all about celebrating grandmother's wisdom through Indian cooking. Raised on the North-Indian, Punjabi cooking of her heritage, and inspired by her own dadima, Anni looked to grandmothers to bring simple, delicious and heart-warming food to her generation with her book.

The grandactions campaign started in 2017 with the aim of inspiring young people to spend quality time with their elders, and vice versa. The campaign celebrates not just grandparents but any other 'grand' elders who play a significant role in a young person's life. A 'grandaction' is the action of spending quality time with the 'grand' elder in one's life.

Dadima's artisan products, are made using traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation. Panjiri and ghee are available to buy online. 

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